When done with focus and care, hand massage can be a surprisingly good alternative to a full body massage if the situation does not allow. It can be relaxing, therapeutic or sensual if you wish. Below you will find links and information on how to make the most of a hand massage.

Preparing for a hand massage

Some of these may seem obvious but I'll throw them out anyway.

Go to the bathroom - both of you, nothing worse the developing such a need and having to break from a zone of bliss and then try and get back there.

Remove, rings, watches, bracelets etc and anything that could get in the way.

If giving the hand massage make sure your nails are not going to cause bodily harm.

Grab some oil or lotion as you prefer.

Grab a towel to rest your collective hands on so the oil/lotions doesn't ruin your couch.

As you start to massage your partner they may feel inclined to shut there eyes to better relax, having bright lights on or a lot of daylight could provide for a little irritation, so make sure that you are in a low light environment.

Get comfortable, this could mean sitting opposite each other or side by side.

Roll your sleeves up

If you really want I suppose you can pipe in some natural tunes and use aromatherapy oils if you want to girlify the whole dealio......cause otherwise hand massage is a totally butch activity!

Warm your hands!

Hand massage options

Each to their own but if this list doesn't work, nothing will!

Establishing a comfort zone with your partner, (especially if its with a new partner) is very important to gaining the most from any massage. With a hand massage the simplest think to do before you start massaging it with cradle your partners hand with both of yours (above and beneath) and gentle draw your hands away to create a stroke effect. This is a personal thing and will help your partner relax with you as a massage giver.

Now, grab the lube and work just a little into your partners hands, start off with a little as its easier to add more then scrap it off. You don't want so much that you get either slurping or slipedge! Start of working into your partners hands with both your hand supping around each slid of your partners and work/roll your thumbs over the back of your partners hand moving back and forwards to cover the whole hand in a motions that stretches the skin. This is an easy action to do fast so to make sure that you keep it slow and relaxed for maximum bliss, add a short count at the end of each stroke when you reach the sides. Your massaging, not tenderising.

Once you have that over lube up some more and go for a little more reach with a half arm workout. Holding your partners hand, however is most comfortable,  with one hand. With the other gentle grasp your partner hand and sweep up  the arm to the elbow increasing the pressure slight to cater for the extra muscle, round the elbow and back to the fingers reducing pressure as you go.

Now on to the main course.... you can use any of the following ideas as you like.

There are a variety of hand massage options and techniques to used as a massage therapist

• Standing at the side of the table facing head

• Apply lotion to arm utilizing effleurage only. Only a small amount of lotion or oil is needed for the hand.

• Gently glide between each of the metacarpals.

• Coin Rub every finger; gently give a bit of traction and end with a slight squeeze at the tip of the fingers.

• Turn hand over, working palm well

• Inside hand may apply traction to thumb while the outside hand gently effleurages from wrist to elbow

• Apply traction to each finger with the inside hand. Continue to effleurage from wrist to elbow

• Raise arm (bent ninety degrees at elbow). Perform “milking stroke” at least three times

• To really spruce up hand massage, your partner will enjoy having their arms professionally massaged as well.

• Turn to client’s feet, arm out to the side

• Gently petrissage the biceps and deltoids

• Facing client’s feet, lift arm and hold with inside hand at partner’s elbow

• Working triceps with effleurage, petrissage and raking of the elbow just above the axillary space

• Return arm to table gently, gliding down the deltoids

• Use spreading strokes to transition from shoulder to wrist

• Add one final effleurage to entire arm with a slight squeeze of clients hand to close

• Repeat entire sequence with other arm

• Connect the rest of the body, close with gentle contact hold and a “thank you”.

You may encounter clients who have a slight tingling sensation in their fingers or fingertips. While gently massaging the hands, deep tissue massage therapy can be implemented to their session.

While seated at the head of your partner. Establish a firm grip into the pectorals. Allowing your partner to raise their arms off the table and towards you will help to work fingers deeper into the pectoral muscles. Hold for a few seconds and allow your partner to lower arms onto the table. This ritual should be applied at least three times and will gradually reduce the tingly feeling in fingertips.

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